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Wildhorse Park is not only be utilized by the Luther community, but also by Route 66 visitors, neighboring communities, and the surrounding area baseball and softball teams.

The revitalization project seeks to connect people of all ages to Wildhorse Park by instilling a sense of rich history for the park for long-time residents and a sense of nature, wonder, and possibility for children and visitors. The main goals of the plan include: 

Establish a Route 66 Connection

Celebrate Local Heritage

Include Opportunities for Nature Play



Phase 1:

- Disc GolfPark

- Community Garden

- Floodplain mitigation

- Playground Ages 2-5

- Playground Ages 5 and Up


Phase 2:

- Multi-Purpose Pavilion (to include Basketball Courts and Restrooms)

- Route 66 Landmark Signage


Phase 3:

- Walking Trails and Bike Path (will provide a connection to the town)

- Nature Play Areas (for play experiences with natural materials)

- Rehabilitation of Concession Building

- Improved Route 66 access


Phase 4:

- Pond (potentially stocked)

- Second Pavilion and Multi-Purpose Sports Field

- Additional Parking (off of Route 66 and within the Park)

- Final Touches



A fund for maintenance and to ensure the future of our park

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